Take a Journey with a Virtual Tour of the Bible Lands

Embark on an immersive, online journey through the sites of the Bible with Wayne Stiles and Walking the Bible Lands. Enjoy a more vibrant relationship with God and deepen your understanding of God's Word by experiencing the Holy Land. 



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99% of people who experience the Holy Land say it has had a profound effect on their faith - but not everyone can go to Israel.

Instead of spending time, money, and energy on travel, join me on an immersive and educational virtual tour of the Bible lands. Experience like never before the locations you know from the Bible - places like the Mount of Olives, the towns of Nazareth and Bethlehem, and so much MORE!

Not only that, but I’ll provide you with insight and context every step of the way, so that you can connect with everything you learn on a deeper, personal level. You may have the same, amazing realization I did after my first trip to Israel: our faith is based on real events that happened in real places that we can see and experience. It’s a humbling feeling, and I hope to share it with you in Walking the Bible Lands.

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What to Expect on Your Tour

Every week, you’ll get content delivered directly to you. Including:

Sites & Insights

Each month, the videos will focus on a site in the Holy Land and will include a guided virtual tour + a lesson on its biblical significance, including how it relates to your personal walk with God.

DIG This!

The videos will introduce you to some significant piece of archaeology or some site that’s off-the-beaten-path for most tourists. Some places you may never have even heard of!

Video Devotional

In every video you receive, I’ll share a practical insights from the Lands of the Bible that emphasizes a life-changing lesson the Word of God offers us.

Bonus Content

In addition to the new videos, you'll enjoy a vast library of bonus content—including videos, interviews, audio books and devotionals, and recommended resources that will give you greater insights into the Bible Lands and their lessons.

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Each month you'll receive:

  • More than 40 minutes of premium audio and video media, all focused on connecting the Bible lands to your life.
  • Content delivered to you in weekly easy-to-watch episodes—to encourage you in your walk with God. 
  • PLUS, when you join, you have IMMEDIATE access to more than 25 hours of videos, audios, bonus content, and audiobooks.

What Members are Saying...

Hannah Kurtz says:

"Every Thursday I look forward to the new content released on Walking the Bible Lands! The videos are filled with stunning videography, informative commentary, and thoughtful devotionals that connect my life to the land of Bible. Wayne has created a resource that I will treasure for years to come.”

Delphine Reed says:

"Walking the Bible Lands is an invaluable tool for me. Insights shared in the monthly videos and resources elevate biblical knowledge to another level! The Bible is unveiled in fresh and exciting ways as Wayne takes us step-by-step on a discovery of hidden gems. The benefits of this membership for me are priceless.”

Dr. Todd Bolen says:

"Walking the Bible Lands is a marvelous resource for all those who have longed to visit Israel and for those who would love to return. The beautiful video footage makes you feel like you are right there, and Wayne Stiles carefully guides the viewer through his excellent biblical teaching and application. I highly recommend this site to all!"


Take a Journey with a Virtual Tour of the Holy Lands

Develop a more vibrant relationship with God and deepen your understanding of the Bible by experiencing the Holy Land. Embark on an immersive, online journey through the sites of the Bible with Wayne Stiles, a longtime devotional scholar who is passionate about sharing the practical application of bringing God's Word to life.

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Meet Wayne Stiles

Wayne Stiles has served in fulltime Christian ministry for almost 30 years, effectively using video, writing, teaching, and music to creatively communicate the life-changing truths of God’s Word.

A veteran traveler to Israel, he has taught and written extensively on the devotional benefits of the Holy Land on his popular blog, in his books, as well as in dozens of articles. Wayne earned his master’s and doctoral degrees and served in the pastorate for 14 years and as a non-profit executive for 12 years. Wayne and Cathy have helped lead many tours to numerous biblical sites in Israel, Jordan, Greece, Turkey, and Italy. They have been married twenty-nine years and have two grown daughters.

Wayne’s passion is to help connect the Bible and its lands to life, showing the practical application of God’s Word.

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